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Friday, April 16, 2010

Cubes I Got In Michigan-Review Of All Cubes Part 4-Chinese Square 1

I currently posses two Square 1s:

  • 1 MF8 Square 1
  • 1 Chinese Square 1
In this post, I'll be talking about the Chinese one.

The Chinese Square 1 is the same as a Square 1, but my uncle bought it in China. The Chinese Square 1 is very smooth. It is fully functional. I can not solve a Square 1, but the Chinese Square 1 came with a very good instruction manual. With it, I solved it in around 30 minutes. The Chinese Square 1 that I got is not a LanLan, like all the other Rubik's Cubes that I got in China. Well, my uncle bought them from China and then gave them to me when we were in Michigan. This Square 1 has popped once. When the Square 1 popped, I had to fix it. I found out that it uses the LanLan lube.

As of right now, the Chinese Square 1 is a great puzzle. I'm going to give it a 95 out of 100. The 5 points off are because of pops when you cut corners.

Oh yeah, and for the LanLan 2x2x2, I'm giving that 100 out of 100, not 98 out of 100 because I found that the lubricant doesn't damage the cube like Vaseline does. I applied Vaseline to my 3x3x3 and it turned out that lots of the plastic on the pieces dissolved.

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