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1x1x1-0.00, 2x2x2-2.04, 3x3x3-19.87 (lucky), 24.xx (non-lucky), 4x4x4-4:43.xx, 5x5x5-12:18.xx, 6x6x6-around 30 mins, 7x7x7-hours and hours, Megaminx-5:12.64, Square-1-1:34.26, Void Cube-1:43.77, Mirror Blocks-4:16.63, Rubik's Twist-11.26

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Awesome Rubik's Win

As you can see at the bottom of this page, I listed a website. Go there and press Shape Variations. You should see these choices:

  • Arxon Barrel
  • Arxon Diamond Cube
  • Arxon Cubeoctahedron
If you don't see these, try checking what you did wrong.

So, once you see the choices above, click Arxon Diamond Cube. You should see a "twistable Rubik's Twist" in ball form. WIN!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Square 1

The photo above shows Square 1, an awesome shapeshifting puzzle. The picture above shows it in scrambled form (left) and solved form (right). I ordered one on March 21, 2010 and (as of right now) it still hasn't come. The seller guy said that would come in 2-9 days. Today is day 9 and the mailman already came. I checked the mailbox and it still wasn't there. When I get it, I will post a post, telling you my first impressions of the puzzle. I'll also (try to) keep you updated on the shipping process. I'm sorry, Matt that I told you that "I was getting it in the mail" like 4 days ago. It really hasn't come, as you can see.

BTW, Matt, when I get it, I'll show you how awesome the Square 1 is.


Still not here?!?! Now, today is day 10 and I just checked the mail. There was mail in the mailbox, but there was no Square 1. Hmph. Note that the seller said that it would come in 2-9 days. I mentioned that yesterday.

I have contacted the seller. Yay.

The brand of the Square 1 I will get is MF8, for those curious peeps.

The seller has responded to my question! He said that if the Square 1 doesn't come before this Saturday, April 3, he will re-ship my order. Oh, yeah and today is day 12. The mailman hasn't come yet.

Great. Day 12 and still not here. The order must of been lost in its shipping process. If not here on day 13, re-shipment, here we come.

Here comes the it here...we'll find out in a few moments. Oh yeah, and unfortunately, USPS might not mail on Saturdays anymore. I hope I'm wrong and yes I am. YAY!

Let us check day 13 off...MY SQUARE 1 STILL NOT HERE? Okay, so what I have did, I told him to ship me a replacement because

  • It's the end of the week
  • And he said so in that last message I got
So, yeah, reshipment, here we come.

IT'S HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE!!! And when we went to Michigan, my uncle brought me another one. And another void cube, so now I have 4 2x2s because of my lanlan, 2 void cubes and uh... yeah 2 Square 1s!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Surprise Pretty Design on a 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube

Hey, everyone, I'm back from the piano business! In this post, I'll be showing you a pretty design for those of you that know the SiGN algorithm notation (or the algorithm notation they show you in the 3x3x3 instrucion manual). This design is for a 3x3x3 and listed below is the algorithm:

U F' D R F' U2 F2 U F U' F2 B' D B R2 D2 F

It may look like you're scrambling it at first, but when you're done, you should have a pretty design.

If the algorithm doesn't work, try solving your cube then trying it again. If it still doesn't work, comment and I'll check for any mistakes in the algorithm.