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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cubes I Got In Michigan-Review Of All Cubes Part 2-LanLan 7x7x7

So, uh, my next cube is the LanLan 7x7x7. It is NOT a ShengEn 7x7x7. At first I thought that it was a ShengEn because it came with a bag that looks like a pumpkin. (Wow. Halloween.) It said ShengEn on it, but I saw on the inside, there was a little white box with the LanLan logo on it. So...I Googled ShengEn 7x7x7 then LanLan 7x7x7. I saw waaaaaaaaaaay more results for the LanLan 7x7x7 than the ShengEn.

The LanLan 7x7x7 does not have a clicking mechanism, unlike the V-Cube 6. It is not needed. On the 6x6x6, it is necessary or else after the first 90 degree turn, it will not be fully functional.

The LanLan 7x7x7 can cut corners a little, again, unlike the 6x6x6 which can cut corners and is very "flexible" if you pull on the outer layers. The LanLan 7x7x7 is also relatively smooth. You can do finger tricks on it. It is lubed with that unknown lubricant I mentioned on the LanLan 2x2x2 post.

Overall, it's pretty good. I'm going to rate it 92 out of 100, mainly because of its amazingness.

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