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Saturday, May 1, 2010

How to Take Apart a LanLan 2x2x2

  • A screwdriver
  • LanLan 2x2x2
Use your screwdriver and find a side with a screw. Loosen the screw (twist counterclockwise) then carefully pull out the (URF) and the (URB) corners. Then, just twist the cube until everything falls apart. Now you have the LanLan 2x2x2 disassembled.

You should have the core attached to the giant corner with one section of the core coming off or already off, a screw and a spring and maybe a washer, 9 "edge" pieces and 7 corners. The 8th corner is actually the core.

Put the washer (if you have one) on first then put on the spring. Screw the screw clockwise so that it does not come off. Now unscrew all other screws so that the "edge" pieces are easy to put on, but the top parts of the core don't come off.

Put on all the "edge" pieces then any 6 corners. Be sure to match the right color. Note that the last few may be hard. For the last corner, wiggle or push it in. Do not tighten the screws just yet. Try to look inside with out having to take it apart. See if an edge is misaligned. If it is, then take the corner out, align the edge piecee then put the corner back in. Keep on doing this until the edge is aligned.

Now, tighten all the screws to the tightest. Now your LanLan 2x2x2 is reassembled.

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