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Sunday, May 23, 2010

How to Solve a Floppy Cube (1x3x3)

This is going to be a tutorial on how to solve a Floppy Cube, also known as a 1x3x3. The Floppy Cube is a very easy puzzle. You may want to tty figuring this out on your own, because of how easy it is. But, if you are too lazy or if you can not figure the Floppy Cube out, then, just follow along with this tutorial.

The algorithm notation is just like the one I use for speedcubing:

U=Turn the top layer 180 degrees
D=Turn the bottom layer 180 degrees
R=Turn the right layer 180 degrees
L=Turn the left layer 180 degrees
M=Turn the vertical middle layer 180 degrees
E=Turn the horizontal middle layer 180 degrees

While performing an algorithm, make sure that the 3x3 square is facing towards you.

To solve the Floppy Cube, you must solve the gray, black, green and blue sides first. This is called the Outer Band. It is usually pretty easy to complete, so only 1 algorithm will be provided. Just position, if needed, let's just say, the blue and green. Solve it by twisting the layer to finish the blue and green side. This only takes one to two moves to finish and position the side. Last, finish the remaining 2 sides.

You may get one case on the outer band called the checkerboard. It looks like the floppy cube below.
If you get this, don't do anything. Advance to the next step. Obviously, if the outer band is solved, advance, too.

This step requires you to learn 3 algorithms. They are all pretty easy.

1. M U M U

2. R U R U R U

3. M U M U E R E R

At last, if you had that checkerboard case on the outer band, do


Congratulations! You have solved your Floppy Cube.

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