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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

V-Cube 6

Hey, it's Monkeys again. A week ago, my V-Cube 6 came! It's a really awesome cube, despite how expensive it is. I really recommend you get one. Even though it's around 60 dollars on eBay, it's still worth it. I found out that it could do some unique things like turning a middle slice with out turning any outer ones. I also found out that it had a "clicking" mechanism. It kind of snapped once while in the middle of turning. Every 90 degree turn had about 4 snaps. All products that are made by V-Cubes are awesome, so sooner or later, I'm getting a V-Cube 7 and a V-Cube 5.

Also, I've heard that the V-Cube 5 and the V-Cube 7 are even better than the V-Cube 6 because even number cubes seem to have an issue about the core. V-Cubes are planning to make a V-Cube 6b, which basically is a "pillowed" V-Cube. They're also planning to make the V-Cube 2, V-Cube 3, V-Cube 4, V-Cube 8, V-Cube 9, V-Cube 10 and a V-Cube 11.

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