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1x1x1-0.00, 2x2x2-2.04, 3x3x3-19.87 (lucky), 24.xx (non-lucky), 4x4x4-4:43.xx, 5x5x5-12:18.xx, 6x6x6-around 30 mins, 7x7x7-hours and hours, Megaminx-5:12.64, Square-1-1:34.26, Void Cube-1:43.77, Mirror Blocks-4:16.63, Rubik's Twist-11.26

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ice Cube

The next cube I got was the Ice Cube. It is not recommended for speed cubers because it locks up and can't cut corners but is reccommended for the novice and beginner rank, as it is cool looking. These come with a stand that is shaped like an iceburg, so that's pretty cool. I really have nothing much to say about the Ice Cube.


  1. nobody really cares about what cubes you have you know...

  2. You're wrong. Why? Bashar Ahmad does care. He asks me every day "Have you posted a new update?". Many other people at our school also care.

  3. BTW, I have a feeling that you are attempting to advertise on my blog to stop visitors from coming here.